Who is the Most Promiscuous Man in History?

Who had the most sexual partners in history?

The Incredible Mr Joe

One of the perks of working at a bookstore that deals in adult material is that from time-to-time, you get to see unique collections of adult art that truly take your breath away. One such collection popped up in the summer of 2005 when we received a phone call from another used bookstore in New York City that regularly sells there adult materials to us. Because of the provocative nature of adult material this bookstore preferred not to sell porn items in there location and instead would sell them to us.

Christopher, the owner of the other bookstore informed me that they had just acquired a huge collection of nude photos from an estate and asked that I come over to take a look. When I arrived I was pleasantly surprised to find over 20 large boxes stuffed full of Polaroids of nude women. There must have been over 20,0000+ Polaroids with another large box of negatives. They all looked to be from about the early 1960’s to the late 1970’s. When I first inspected them I was confused. Typically when large collections of photos appear most of the images are of the same handful of women. This is especially true of Polaroids. Typically a photographer who liked to photograph his wife or girlfriends would have thousands of images but they would all be of the same handful of female models. Maybe a dozen different models all together over a period of 20 years. But this particular collection was different. It contained images of thousands of different women!

In addition to the breadth of different models, this collection also had a few other oddities. First, most of the models had taken the time to write very touching remarks on the reverse of the actual Polaroid photographs. Second along with the boxes and boxes explicit nude photos there was also a very large box filled with hand written love letters written by the female models to the photographer. Finally, a large number of the women had been photographed with there tongues sticking out while modeling in explicit poses. I had never seen such a unique poses in nude photography before.

As you can imagine all of this lead to a great deal of confusion. How could there be so many different women? Were they paid models? Prostitutes? What were the letters about? And why were they all posing with there tongues stuck out? After weeks of going over the letters and photos, we were finally able to understand what all of this was about.

The Amazing Mr. Joe: Probably The Greatest Lover Who Ever Lived

All of the photos were taken by Mr. Joe, a single male who resided in New York during the early 1960’s at the beginning of the Sexual Revolution.

To say that Mr Joe was an accomplished serial philander would be an understatement. As his Polaroids clearly show, over a period of approximately 15 years, he had some type of sexual encounter with at least 1500 different women! Basically he was meeting a new sexual partner on average about every 3 days. On days in between, he was managing to squeeze in previous lovers. An incredible feat that we have never seen duplicated with such proof.

There may be some people who would dismiss Mr. Joe’s accomplishments as not a big deal. Many celebrities who have claimed to have been promiscuous with thousands of women. Russell Brand, Gene Simmons and Simon Cowell are but a few that come to mind. But comparing Mr Joe’s sexual vigor with those of a celebrity is like comparing apples to oranges. To better appreciate the significance of his philandering we need to put a few things in perspective.

First the 1500 different women figure is a conservative estimate. 1500 is the minimum we calculated based on the number of Polaroid photos he left behind. But the actual the number could actually be far higher. Because it would have been far too laborious to separate and identify all of the women in the photos individually over a 15 year period, we had to make a conservative guess. Some of the women we identified as being the same person could actually have been different. This was particularly true of soome of the different races Some of the Asian, African American, East Asian and Latina women that we felt were the same may have actually been different women. The number of different models in the photos could actually be as high as 2000+ different women. Also this number is only the women who he took photos of. There could have been others where he engaged in some type of sexual intimacy but never photograph it. Surely some women did not approve would not allow it. So the actual number of women is actually higher than 1500.

Second, the photos were taken starting in the early 1960’s! Yes it was the beginning of the Sexual Revulution but America was far more conservative than it is in the hook-up and selfie generation began in the 2000’s. In the modern digital era anyone can get laid. Spend enough time on a dating site and something is certain to pop up. But 1960 was a completely different era. In the early 1960’s magazines that displayed anything more than the most mild forms of nudity were deemed obscene and could land you in jail. Female sexual freedom was strictly frowned upon by society overall. Inter-racial relationships were strongly discouraged by all races. Women who didn’t wear bras were shamed. A woman taking the pill was considered to be a slut. Pre-marital sex carried the risk of serious social stigma and was kept well hidden by almost all women. And during all of this time, Mr Joe was able to not only pick up beautiful women of all races but to also get them to pose for him in the most sexually explicitly manner.

Third, the romantic notes and love letters to Mr Joe are proof that the intimacy he had with his women were not just some bland hook-up to be forgotten soon after it was complete. Not at all! The touching details and love expressed in them showed that Mr. Joe had a way with women that few men, if any, have ever possessed. To read these letters along with the inscriptions on the backs of the Polaroids is to feel the warmth and love these women had towards Mr Joe. There is the letter from Afra, an Iranian woman in Med school at NYU who wrote that no man had made her feel as beautiful as he had. Or Dorothy, a nurse from Idaho who wrote she could not bear to return to Pocatello and never see Mr Joe again. Or Karen a married housewife from Long Island who wrote that she would leave her husband and rush into the city any time to meet with him again. Deloris, a teacher wrote that no one in her family had ever shown her the love and respect that he had.

Finally, Mr Joe was nothing like a celebrity. He wasn’t some rich handsome model type who wore fancy clothes or drove an expensive car. From the looks of it he was pretty much working class. The background of many of the photos show that his apartment was pretty basic with simple furnishings. From all outward appearance he looks to have lead quite a normal life during this time. The photos begin early in 1960s while he is attending grad school and working part time at the Post Office. They continue on after graduation as he get an office job and begins to lead a normal 9-to-5 life. Based on the letters and notes, we can tell that the women were not prostitutes or paid for hire models. For the most part, the women appear to be either friends from grad school, the wives of his male friends, co-workers or women from his everyday life. Martha worked at the dry cleaner he used. Hedy was a neighbor. And so on.

So if it was not his wealth, lifestyle or incredible looks, what attracted all of these women to Mr Joe? As the letters suggest, it was his strong great confidence and a constant smile. All of the women suggested that he made them feel at ease and his charm radiated.

Mr Joe’s Post 1970’s Women

Mr Joe was an early adapter of camera technology. As the backs of the instant photographs indicate, he owned several high end SLR Polaroid cameras and always used only the finest film available at the time. The collection begins in the early 1960’s when instant film camera’s begin to appear. The collection stops some time in the late 1970’s. However we do not believe that Mr. Joe actually stopped seeing new women at that time. On the contrary we believe that he continued his incredible sojourn of love but instead of using Polaroid camera’s he gravitated to video camera’s as they were becoming popular alternatives to recording porn and the popularity of Polaroids began to decline. When we spoke with Mr. Joes family they informed us that along with the photos there was a very substantially collection of video tapes that Mr Joe had made and stored. Unfortunately they discarded the tapes believing that no one would be interested in them. Too bad. If only they had contacted us before hand.

There is one finally mystery that we should explain and that is why so many of the women are sticking there tongue out at the camera in his photos. It seems Mr Joe had a healthy sense of humor. In order to introduce a bit of whimsy into his nude art form he had many of his female models stick their tongues out while being photographed. We think it was his way of laughing at the rest of the world and a testament of all of the fun he was having : )D