Unique Insight Into The Sexual Communities Of The Past

A Look At Sexual Fetishes From The Past

If You Think Kink is Just a New Phenomenon, Yo​​u’re In For A Surprise!

One of the coolest things about working in a bookstore that specializes in sexual literature is that from time-to-time you run across historical items that give a unique glimpse into the sexual communities of the past.

Many people never realize that most modern sexual fetishes have actually existed for centuries! Unfortunately because of the salacious nature of such acts they were rarely, if ever recorded in history. However ever now and then we get a sampling of the more prurient side of history and it’s always a delight. A previous example was the large photo collection of the swingers nudist club that operated in New Jersey during the 1940’s which we wrote about a few months ago.

Another example is the the photos below. They are part of a much larger batch of photos we purchased from a comic book store in San Francisco in 2014.

We don’t know much about the compiler. All we could figure out was that he enjoyed cross dressing and was active in the gay community in San Francisco and New York City between 1938 and 1968. He looks to have passed away in 1960 as there was a memorial to him in the box of items.

The photos give wonderful insight into the vibrant cross dressing / gay community that existed in San Francisco and NYC during that time. Unfortunately much of what has been written about the gay struggle for liberation during this period is pretty depressing with rampant civil rights abuses. It’s nice to see the more positive side of the gay community from this era – the lives they lived and the love they shared. My favorite photo is the one with the girls posing in front of the police car. Notice the vibrant smiles, the casual ease and the all around fun they seem to be having.